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May 5th – 7th 2017

June 9th – 11th 2017

July 7th – 9th 2017

August 11th – 13th 2017

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February 16th – 19th 2017

March 16th – 19th 2017

 April 21st – 24th 2017

 May 18th – 21st 2017

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All Pre Study Materials
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About Us

Brisbane NLP offers Next Generation/3rd Generation NLP to their trainings to enhance you in business or to develop yourself personally. As a Master Trainer with years of experiences with international leaders and developers , we continually provide you with the latest innovation in the field of NLP for your optimisation, to enhance communication skills, professional and personal enhancement and development. Now offering 3rd Generation NLP with all of the latest developments being integrated into all of the trainings.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta and Jon Vitetta

Together after many years of personal and professional development and training, created their own tropical, peaceful and
serene photo_aboutustraining environment  to create a comfortable space to experience optimal learning without the hassle of city traffic
and parking,  offering home made, nutritious, hearty and healthy refreshments and lunches. The trainings are uniquely
designed for small groups  with a maximum of 20 participants for more personalised support.

Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta began working with NLP because of the journey that she was on,
read her compelling personal victory  over defeating cervical cancer 30     yrs ago.

Lorna has completed her Master NLP Trainer and Facilitator Certification at the NLP University,
UCSC Santa Cruz. USA with Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier, Deborah Bacon-Dilts, Suzi Smith and Syd Jacobsen and shared
with many wonderful NLP Trainers from around the globe, where many resources were shared and lifetime affiliations were made,
that will enrich all of our trainings as we support each other in our quest for building a worldwide NLP community where people want to belong.

Lorna is an Internationally accredited Trainer of NLP, and Neurosemantics, incorporating Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and Whole Brain Thinking®. Her expertise in human behaviour, her working knowledge of the advanced communication skills of NLP and neurosemantics, and how to easily incorporate the Whole Brain Thinking® means Lorna facilitates a process that enables you to get the excellent result you want quickly and with less effort.

Lorna is one of only 6 in the world Master Trainers of the mBIT (multi Braining Integration Techniques) – where ancient wisdom, together with scientific research, neuroplasticity and NLP come together working with our 3 Brains, Our Cephalic Brain (Head), Cardiac Brain (Heart) and Enteric Brain (Gut). She is offering trainings for Coach Certification, and Trainers certification.  more info here

Lorna was the first certified trainer in Australia of the LAB – Words that Change Minds, Mastering the Language of Influence that will teach you how to identify the motivation and working traits of yourself and your employees for retaining longer lasting employees, more dedictaed and loyal team within the workplace. She is also an iWAM certified practitioner.

Lorna has trained with over 28 international trainers of the NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mind Powers, Cognitive Behaviour models in a continuous way of improving her knowledge of the different modalities available, keeping up to date with new ways of applying these techniques and skills for the benefits of her students.

Lorna received her Masters in NLP with Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier, Degorah Bacon-Dilts at the NLP University,
where NLP began many years ago with Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Lorna’s other trainings were with NLP,
Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis certifications through Dr Tad James – a leader in the field of NLP, and the creator
of Time Line Therapy®. Her Neurosemantics qualifications, from Dr.L.Michael Hall and Dr Bobby.G.Bodenhamer
the co founders of Neurosemantics.The LAB Certification was with Shelle Rose Charvet, The Meta Coaching certification
was with the Meta Coaching Foundation – Neurosemantics – Dr L. Michael Hall and Michelle Duval.
Whole Brain Thinking® qualifications were from Ken Wall – The Thinking Network. and Kobus Neethling,
Hypnotherapy was with Tad James, Dr Topher Morrison, Alpha Training, Dr John Gray,

Lorna has also trained with John Kehoe of Mind Power, Sue Knight in Coaching and Modelling,
Grant Soosalu & Marvin Oka – mBIT;  Dr Christopher Morrison – Advanced Hypnotherapy,
Chris Howard – NLP, Alpha Institute, Dr John Gray, John Tickel,  and in EFT, Mind Mapping, NBI, & Fish.

Lorna received her Certificate IV Trainers and workplace Assessors certifications from the University of Melbourne, and her Certificate 1V in Business from Qld University, she upgraded to the TAA4 qualification in 2009 in Queensland. Lorna has been a certified Colour and Style Image consultant having had her own business in Beauty Therapy and Image consulting for over 25 years in country Victoria and Melbourne, before moving in 2002 to Brisbane, Qld.

Lorna is a dynamic and vivacious presenter and she prides herself on approaching others in a down to earth, yet professional manner, cutting out the jargon and delivering in a simple easy to understand format. Her generosity in giving her students more than what they expect in so many ways, mostly her undivided attention, support, time, charts to assist the student, and many many extras as well as healthy food all day. Lorna has successfully worked with people from all levels within organisations, Small – Medium Business, Large Corporate, with Manufacturers, Leaders and managers. Lorna develops and facilitates customised training workshops for the Corporate sector, SME, Teachers, Therapists, Adult Learning, Children, People who stutter, children with learning difficulties, and in general people of all ages who want to develop certain areas of their life to achieve life and/or work balance.

Having successfully created and managed her own businesses, over many years as a successful Professional Business Owner, Image Consultant, Beauty Therapist, CosmeticTattooist, Trainer, Coach and Therapist, in country Victoria as well as for 15 years in Melbourne, and since 2002 in Brisbane. For the past 10 years successfully conducting her own Training/Personal Coaching/Therapy business with corporate and personal clients., holding her successful personal development and corporate trainings, seminars and workshops.

Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta

Master NLP Trainer & Facilitator LornaGreenmed clr
(NLP University – Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier; USA)
Master mBIT Trainer,
Certified Trainer/ Workplace Assessor
(Certificate IV, Uni Victoria in 1998) upgraded to TAE4
Certificate IV Business and Personal Coach.  
Certificate IV Business
LAB PROFILE Certified Trainer
iWAM Practitioner .
NLP Trainer – NeuroSemantics (NSTT)
Master Practitioner NLP (NLP Association of America)
Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy™
(Time Line Therapy™ Assoc of America)
Clin.Hypnotherapist (ABH. ABCH.  AAPHAN)
Certified Trainer Meta States™
Certified Meta – Coach (ACMC)
Former Secretary of AAPHAN,
Aus Ass Professional Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners Inc.
Former Secretary ABCH.  Business Success Coaching

IMAGE CONSULTANT   (20 Years Experience) Colour & Style Consultant
NBI – WHOLE BRAIN THINKING Neethling Brain Institute Licensed Practitioner


Jon Vitetta
has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne University.

Jon has completed his Neurosemantics Trainers Training, and is also a Master Practitioner of NLP / Neurosemantics, LAB Profile practitioner, Life skills coach, EFT and Mind Mapping. Jon has continued his studies with Lorna in the fields of NLP and Neuro-Semantics learning leading edge advanced communication skills, using these skills in his work and personal environments, as well as assisting Lorna with her trainings and seminars. Jon will complete his NLP Trainers Traning this year at NLP University, UCSC Santa Cruz, USA with Robert Dilts and Judith De Lozier.

NLP Trainer & Facilitator  (NLP University – Robert Dilts & Judith De Lozier; USA)  Jon medclr
mBIT Certified Coach;
Mechanical Engineer, Degree in Mechanical Engineering;
Master Practitioner NLP (ABNLP);
Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy™ (TLTA);
Master Hypnotist (ABH);
Certified Practitioner of Meta States™;
Certified Meta Coach (ACMC);
LAB Profile Practitioner;  Management Coach

 Lorna is the Founder and principal trainer and facilitator for Brisbane NLPworking4u,
whose company with her husband – LJV Enterprises Pty Ltd is based in Brisbane, Australia.

Lorna’s skill base is specialised in 3rd Generation NLP Trainings;
NLP Practitioner (Internationally accredited );
NLP Master Practitioner Certifications (Internationally accredited );
LAB _ Words That Change Minds Practitioner Training;
mBIT Coach Certification
mBIT Trainers Certification
Neuro Semantics Trainings;
Presentation Skills
Dynamically Training groups
Whole Brain Thinking®
Coaching Essentials – NLP Based Introduction to Coaching Hypnotherapy.
Executive Coaching for the corporate market
Organisational Wellness – Bringing happiness into the workplace for a more productive team
Communication Games Business Experts play
Advanced communication Skills – Managers
Negotiation and mediation in Workplace
Change management – Professional & Personal
Team Development
Performance Enhancement and management
Values alignment
The Key to Designing your Destiny™;
Self Dynamics®;
Accessing Your personal Genius;
The Key to Relationship Happiness – Bringing Laughter & Fun back into your Relationship;
Dissolving The Disappointment of Divorce;
Overcoming Bullying in the Workplace
Learning How to Learn – Strategies for Spelling, Maths, Reading; Memory Enhancement
Performance Enhancement;
Letting Go and Expressing Yourself Freely – The Key to Gaining Fluency;
Cleaning Out Your Clutter;
Defeating the Dragons of Depression;

 Brisbane NLP offers Next Generation NLP to their trainings to enhance you in business or to develop yourself personally.
As a Master Trainer with years of experiences with international leaders and developers , we continually provide you
with the latest innovation in the field of NLP for your optimisation.